Wrike: The Project Management Software for Enterprise

Wrike: The Project Management Software for Enterprise


Let’s face it, it can be extremely tough for large-scale operations to source a genuinely useful project management tool that works the right way. Sure, there are plenty of capable solutions out there to cater to small to medium sized businesses, each of which has its own merits. But when it comes to a large-scale company, the inherent need for a more capable task management software is required, and that’s where Wrike steps in.

The Importance of Effective Collaboration

Every project manager knows the important role that effective collaboration plays in achieving a successful project. Wrike’s online software for project management makes the whole process of effective collaboration easy, freeing you up to get other tasks done.

Wrike’s workspace operates in real time, allowing effective communication throughout your entire team which, in turn, reduces the need for constant emails. In fact, internal emails can be reduced by as much as 55%, meaning you spend less time scanning that inbox, and searching for emails.

Potential Productivity Increaseswrike3

Because the project management software is so easy to use, teamwork and productivity are fostered, leading to productivity increases ranging from 20% up to 55%.

And speed of project delivery is also increased, with projects potentially reaching completion up to 35% faster. Those numbers speak for themselves.

The Features

So, we now know how effective Wrike software is in relation to collaboration, but what other features does it offer?

The Enterprise task management software will allow you to easily track tasks that have been assigned out, manage portfolios for individual projects or large programs, assign ownership to certain tasks, while setting projected completion dates (that you can track), and allow access to performance metrics and instant progress reports.

Analytical analysis is also an important feature for a project manager, and Wrike offers great visualisation tools such as dynamic timelines (by way of a Gantt chart maker, baseline and burndown charts), the ability to manage workloads between teams and individuals, and the app offers unique insights to you via the report creation tool.

Oh, and it is available in ten different languages too.

Support and Securitywrikeanimation2-1

Wrike offers unbeatable support in relation to their software, with expert advice available through whatever communication medium you prefer (calls, email or online chat function). Wrike promises that customers who collaborate with other teams are 50% more successful at accomplishing their goal as a result.

Since security is a major concern in this day and age when it comes to software, Wrike integrated OKTA and SAML facilities for single sign on, SSAE 16 Certified Data Centres, and SSL 128 Bit Encryption. You can even set custom permissions yourself, so you can have peace of mind when it comes to security concerns.

The best way to experience the benefits of Wrike’s project management software is by getting to use it yourself, and luckily, there is a free trial available for the Enterprise solution right now. It’s time to “try before you buy” and see what Wrike can do for you and your large-scale business operations.


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