Women’s Business Center & Tech in America Offer Digital Media Workshop Hosted...

Women’s Business Center & Tech in America Offer Digital Media Workshop Hosted by ‘PK’


Note: Next Workshop Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2016, 6:00pm-8:00pm. Sign up here. 

The VEDC Women’s Business Center (WBC-LA.org) and TechinAmerica continues its free seminar series on web pages for entrepreneurs, presented by Porya Fard aka ‘PK’. Talk about getting the right guy to help you. PK has deep experience in all phases of Web Design and Digital Marketing.

Landing Page Workshop, Instructor Marty Romero

Learning how to make your site easier to find is just the beginning because PK  – through his consulting work – demonstrates a total package capability. PK’s digital business www.IllMakeYourWebsite.com extends all the way down to the nuts and bolts of HTML and CSS coding, and all the way up to A/B testing of marketing messages.

Past attendees had this to say:

“I knew nothing – at first – but after just one short seminar, I get it. I now understand how web marketing works, and can start applying it to my business.”

The workshop is just right for beginners and assumes no digital campaign background in attendees. And that’s the point. This is where you get your toes in the water on your journey to making the web really work for your small business. It’s served up in small bites, and recent attendees confirm how truly valuable the free program has been.

I finally have a grip on just how powerful these internet tools are, especially for a small start-up. We loved the presentation.

Register now to attend, get to know PK as he gets you on course to increased brand messaging, increased revenues, and most importantly to gain more knowledge about digital media.

The Women’s Business Center (WBC) is a Small Business Administration program operated by VEDC (Valley Economic Development Center) to promote the creation and growth of businesses by women and minority entrepreneurs.

TechinAmerica.com shares America’s Tech News from the Valley to the Alley.

PK Design is your source for all things digital. See the work here.


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