Warren Buffett Sells IBM Shares. FB Shutting Oculus Story Studio.

Warren Buffett Sells [Some] IBM Shares. FB Shutting Oculus Story Studio.


When America’s best stock picker Warren Buffett sells off large blocks of shares in a company it’s time to check your position in that company because you should always be mindful of what your holding.  Not that it’s an indication that IBM is in trouble, it’s an indication that Buffet’s minds eye seeks diversification and perhaps better more aggressive opportunities within the sector. So this year he’s sold an enviable number of shares of his position in IBM like anyone with a similar mind’s eye to forecast growth yet diversify due to the nature of competition – it’s become a more competitive sector since his initial investment six years ago.  He didn’t sell all of his stake is the most important factor to consider.  Story below. [Alisa / TechinAmerica]

With 40 New Original Shows, YouTube Targets TV’s Breadbasket YouTube plans to produce a half-dozen original series that will be available for free on the world’s most popular video website, a big expansion of the Google-owned company’s programming and efforts to attract advertisers. [Lucas Shaw & Mark Bergen / Bloomberg]

Warren Buffett has sold IBM shares, and ‘revalued’ tech icon downward, cites ‘big strong competitors’ Warren Buffett sells off a third of his stake in IBM. IBM has lost the confidence of one of its biggest investors, Berkshire Hathaway Chairman and CEO Warren Buffett. [ / CNBC ]

The Department of Justice is investigating Ubers use of a software tool known internally as “Greyball”, that helped its drivers evade local transportation regulators. [Tony Romm / Recode]

The Google Docs spam attacks played off Google’s most fundamental weakness. The dangers of an unwalled garden [Russell Brandom / TheVerge]

Facebook is shutting down its Oculus Story Studio, which created virtual-reality short films. All ongoing projects are cancelled; the studio’s 50 staffers are encouraged to apply for new jobs within Oculus. [Janko Roettgers / Variety]

Celebrating Star Wars Day with science — PHOTOS [Las Vegas Review Journal]


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