Virtual Reality (VR), Its Use in Different Business Contexts

Virtual Reality (VR), Its Use in Different Business Contexts


At the beginning of the 1990s, it seemed that by 2015 we would be using a wide range of head-mounted displays [Health Data & Management Solutions] for various needs. However, as the whole technological development was directed towards producing smaller gadgets, like smartphones and tablets;nowadays,virtual reality and HDMs are mostly used in the gaming niche. Nevertheless, it seems that a new stage in the development of virtual reality has come and it has a bright future in many fields of human work.

Medicine in virtual environment

It has to be understood that in the 21st century virtual reality does not only refer to HDMs and computer-generated environment. The virtual reality of the 1990s was used by medical institutions to simulate conditions for treating different phobias and anxiety. The virtual reality of the 2010s enables doctors to work with people worldwide byusing high-quality images and videos transmitted via video telecommunication systems.Thanks tothe cutting-edge devices that can capture, transmit, and emit those videos and photos. That wayreality can be transferred anywhere, and looking more genuine that our eye can perceive it; it basically creates a blend of realities, sent to various parts of the world while giving doctors an opportunity to diagnose and treat patients from their living room.

Virtually perfect education

Some engineering institutes and universities have already launched educational programs in which students can immerse in different 3D worlds. The University of Liverpool is a member of the Formula Student Competition, in which students work on the development of futuristic racing cars. The students can try and test out their design ideas in a 3D-environment. Schools that want to attract the most talented students will have to stand out by giving them a chance to indulge themselves into a virtual walk with Galileo or a visit to Atlantis; with the help of virtual reality, of course. Such features will make a difference in the future of education.

Also, schools that decide to work that way should use cloud services to store and easily access their VR-related data. Guys from Crucial offer a large number of handy cloud options that would save money for schools and keep their data safe.

VR in military uniform

Hardly any great human invention is not used for military purposes. Virtual reality is already used by different defense departments to prepare their soldiers for new in-field operations. For example, the UK Ministry of Defense is already using the Oculus Rift to train their medical workers for the potential traumas and unpleasant scenes they might witness in a war conflict. Moreover, virtual reality is applied in genuine military trainings, when soldiers are taught to adapt to harsh conditions and practice different tactics. They have to be equipped with proper VR items,to experience the full impact of such trainings.

Efficient VR-enhanced construction

The construction industry leaves no room for mistakes, which makes it similar to medicine in that sense. With the more sophisticated options that virtual reality offers today, many companies can reduce their expenses and construct more efficient buildings. Many companies are already immersing into the magic world of virtual reality. Some of them even have special studios, in which they project the 3D models of their future enterprises to their clients and advisors. If any objections are made by their clients, they can make immediate changes before the construction starts.

In addition, drones are also used to scan construction sites, transfer the image to a VR device, and let architects immerse into those areas. That way they have everything necessary for successful construction inside and around their heads.

Music and movies for new generations

The news that Steven Spielberg has become a board member of the newly founded Virtual Reality Company is another proof that virtual reality is spreading to every field of human work. This company wants to advance the use of virtual reality to make viewers become completely engaged in the movie-watching process. Independent from them, the first full-length VR movie is already being filmed in Baltimore.On the other side of the Atlantic, the UK band Foals have released a 360-degree video for their song “Mountain at My Gates”, in which viewers can get a full insight into the setting of this video. It is obvious that music and film industry will be using the VR tools in the time ahead of us to attract more people to their new releases.

Thanks to their corrigible nature, the numerous practical features of virtual reality contribute to more efficient projecting and lower expenses, which makes it perfect for several business areas. Its influence will inevitably grow in the period ahead of us.

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