Twitter Looking for a Buyer, Why?

Twitter Looking for a Buyer, Why?


Forbes reported Twitter (TWTR.N) shares “slumped 9% late on Wednesday” closing out late day trading at $22.58. While Recode’s sources disclose Google’s Alphabet isn’t likely moving forward in the bidding process, then who is moving forward?

Alphabet out yet Google contemplating a bid?  What are the obvious reasons Google would make a bid for the company because they can?  Increased market share? Revenue?

If Salesforce (CRM.N) is in the running, what is their end game? To the layman, who gets the greater benefit here? “The company has struggled to generate revenue growth and profit, despite having some 313 million average monthly active users and a growing presence as a source of news”, according to Reuters.

More than Deep Pockets to Win

On perceived value, Twitter is a great buy for an international entertainment company with dominance in the streaming game, this complement would add value to both companies, perhaps ending Twitters struggling revenue growth.

Twitter reports third-quarter earnings later in the month, at the time they’d like negotiations to draw to a close.

Check out Nicholas Carlson‘s April 13, 2011, Business Insider piece on how Twitter really was started, this might be a clue to the companies recent pivots, and are users pivoting with them?

Share your thoughts about which company might be the best fit for Twitter.



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