Smart Drones: DJI & Yuneec Help Produce Incredible Aerial Video

Smart Drones: DJI & Yuneec Help Produce Incredible Aerial Video


If you clicked this article, you must know that drones these days are more advanced and popular than ever.

The drone video business is booming, especially since, at least in the US, there are legal grounds to create such a business. Many people think that they don’t possess the required expertise and that the equipment must be really expensive in order to succeed in this area.

This is not true in the current market, as more and more “smart drones” have appeared that take the guesswork out of the equation.

Gone are the days where one is afraid of crashing his drone because it hit a tree in a flyaway. And here come the days where drones are finally looking like advanced robots that can track and detect in real time, just like a human can.

Meet the smartest systems from DJI and Yuneec, some of the top drone manufacturers around.

DJI OSMO MOBILE – Make Every Shot Smooth as Silk

The most recent additions to their families are the DJI Phantom 4 and the Yuneec Typhoon H, both amazing machines with incredible technology.

What separates these two from the rest of the market is the capability to “feel” the environment.

Yuneec has a detachable module from intel that allows it to detect surrounding objects in 360 degrees and react correspondingly by modifying the flight pattern in real time. Not even falling trees represent a problem to this system.

Below you can watch the official presentation for how the system would behave in some naturally occurring situations.

As you could probably see, the Typhoon H was also able to keep the moving subject in sight, making it a perfect choice for filming sports video.

The DJI comes with an equally, if not better drone, that can also detect objects but this time not around it but at a larger distance in front. This makes it even safer to stop in time before hitting an object when at high speed.

Here’s a video of it in action. Showing how useful such technology can be when trying to protect the drone from damage.

They are also equipped with the best 4k cameras and very stable gimbal stabilization, to make the shot look so professional it could be used in a cinema movie.

The DJI camera looks slightly better, but the Yuneec Typhoon H has the advantage of a camera that can move 360 degrees and capture more shots.

Both can be programmed to follow a pre-defined path with waypoint technology (heil GPS) and both can follow an object after it was lost from sight.

Now, with all this technology you might think the prices for these must be astronomical. That’s not true.

Actually, compared to the previous models that don’t have these more advanced systems (ranging from 800-1000 dollars) they go just a little above for about $1400 or less (depending on the packet).

Remember that you need to first learn how to fly a drone, and only then buy the more expensive and fragile drones after that. No sophisticated system can stop a total newbie from destroying a drone, learning the basics should be your first goal.



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