The Rise of Money-making Tech in the US, and its Main Applications

The Rise of Money-making Tech in the US, and its Main Applications


Whichever way you look, technology continues to empower commercial and individual success throughout the U.S.

Gartner estimates that companies will spend $3.5 trillion on IT in 2017, for example, in a bid to increase profits and enhance their value proposition. Similarly, it is estimated that in excess of 40% of the U.S. workforce will be self-employed by the year 2020, as technology continues to break down many of the barriers to entry that once surrounded freelancing.

In this article, we will look at the rise of money-making technology in the states, and look at its main applications in the digital age.

  1. The Rise of Virtual Assistants

When you hear the term ‘virtual assistants’, your mind is instantly drawn to Artificial Intelligence and advanced smartphone features such as Cortana and Siri.

This technology is empowered by the principles of Cloud computing, which has played a pivotal role in helping individuals to make money in the modern age. This even applies to entry-level job roles, where people can offer their service as virtual administration assistants and perform a host of affiliated tasks (such as sharing document, electronic filing and the creation of notes) from a remote location.

There are even centralised resources and apps that connect businesses with those who wish to work as virtual assistants and boost their earning potential, with Zirtual arguably the most prominent example.

  • The Emergence of Mobile Trading

We have seen a huge evolution in the financial markets in recent times, particularly in the way asset classes are accessed and traded. More specifically, the rise of online and mobile trading platforms have removed numerous barriers to entry, making even obscure financial markets accessible to novice and part-time investors who are looking to build an additional source of passive income.

In the modern age, most online trading platforms have an affiliated app, which creates a seamless experience that enables investors to optimise the efficiency and the impact of their trades. These platforms also offer access to a host of real-time and analytical tools, which also bridges the gaps between experienced traders and novices.

Above all else, these platforms offer investors access to so-called demo accounts, through which they can trade in a simulated market environment that enables the them to hone their skills without spending their hard-earned capital.

  • The Benefits of Equity Crowdsourcing Platforms

On a final note, we come to equity crowdfunding platforms, which offer money-making opportunities for both investors and aspiring entrepreneurs alike.

Equity crowdfunding has emerged from the classic iteration of the practice that emerged more than a decade ago, and it connects investors with new and exciting business propositions. Money is invested in exchange for a fixed and predetermined equity share, and there are ample opportunities for all parties to prosper through this model.

If you are looking to invest some disposable income and make this work for you, for example, you can back innovative business ventures while hoping to achieve a long-term profit. From a business perspective, firms can raise the necessary funds to launch and establish themselves in the market, while also laying the foundations for a profitable future.


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