Recover Every Deleted File

Recover Every Deleted File

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Helps You Recover Almost Anything!



Accidentally deleting the files is a common habit. However, the real problem arises when you delete an important file. There is nothing to worry about because the EaseUS Data Recovery Software will help you restore all your file.

The free data recovery software is available for the Mac and Windows. So here let us have a look, that how it will help you recover all your data.


You can easily download the recovery software and its installation will take only a few minutes. There are  simple explanatory options to help you out. Once the software has been installed, all you have you do is keep the option of Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard checked and it will remain open.

How it works

The data recovery software free has the minimal and simple to understand user interface. You might think that there is a lack of menu bar but from the menu icon, you can have the accessibility to everything. There are no settings to bother you while you are recovering your files,


In order to search the deleted files of the recovery software you have to follow the following simple steps:

  • Access the home window and select the type of files you would like to scan
  • Then select the location of your hard drive
  • You will only get the chance to search through one location


The data recovery software free has two types of scanning procedures the quick scan and deep scan.

1-Quick scan

The moment you will click on the option of the scan, the recovery software will run a quick scan. In a few seconds, you will get the files that you were searching for.

2-Deep scan

For deep scanning, select the option of the deep scan. It will help you to conduct a 100 times better scan but it might take a little longer. In case that you have found the file while the scanning is continuing you can simply pause and access the file you required. You are allowed to stop the scan even after the 7% of loading.

Valuable CPU

The data recovery software free uses a valuable CPU to run the scanning procedure. This is the reason that of you want to conduct a deep can make sure that you are away from your computer because it will take its time.

Recovery everything

The recovery software has been developed with such codes and algorithms that will allow you to recover every single file from your computer. All you have to do is select the files and click on recover. Within seconds, the data will be back on your computer.

Bottom line

The recovery software has a free trial period to give you a hint that how it properly works. So make sure that you spend your money on the data recovery software free if you are satisfied with the services it is providing. For more information about the software, make sure to visit their website.


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