No IFTTTs About It: Home Automation Is Changing How We Live

Smart homes increasingly resemble the Jetsons’ house. Thanks to open standards, voice-activated home assistants, smart appliances, and wireless security systems, daily life is becoming easier and more secure.

Consumers Love Connected Devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) runs on open standards, and IFTTT (If This, Then That) is a popular method to get Internet-connected devices communicating. Users set the parameters using an easy syntax: “IF this happens, THEN take THAT action.”

Over 87,000 (mostly) amateur “makers” create free IFTTT applications, while media and service companies use IFTTT applets to boost brand loyalty and customer engagement:

  • Share content across social media channels simultaneously.
  • Tell your pet feeder when to feed the furballs.
  • Set custom rules for your wireless home-security system.

Other developers are working on applications that add IoT utility to older devices. Cool! Get smart home functionality with the expense of new devices.

Talk to Your Appliances with Voice-activated Assistants

Home and virtual assistants are making their voices heard in many homes. The most popular models are IFTTT-compatible, and many support other protocols as well. They make science fiction fans feel right at home — talk to your computer, and it answers!

Home assistants handle dreary daily activities. Forgot to turn off the oven? Tell your “assistant” to handle it. It’s like a butler, only cheaper.

New Security Systems Keep Homes Safer

Portable wireless security systems are rapidly supplanting old-style wired systems. They allow you to monitor your home from anywhere using a smart phone app. You can even integrate a variety of devices into your system using IFTTT.  A connected home security system turns your smart phone into a home remote control device.

They’re great safety tools too. Freak out a prowler by randomly turning lights on and off, making the TV blare, or sounding a siren, all without revealing your location inside the house. Your motion detector cameras record the fun while the security system calls police.

Smart Home Technology Will Change Your Lifestyle

There’s undeniably a “WOW!” factor in this technology, but let’s be practical. Home automation can change your relationship with your home and family.

  • Is the house still there? It’s natural to worry about things at home when you’re on a trip. You can “check in” by smartphone and view live video.
  • What are the kids up to? Don’t hear about that wild party from neighbors: watch it yourself via your smart phone.
  • Come home to a warm house and waiting dinner. Set a trigger that notifies your thermostat and oven when you leave work. Come home to a warm house and a bubbly, fresh-baked casserole.
  • Protect the parents. Use smart home technology to keep tabs on elderly relatives living independently. Make sure the thermostat is set and the doors locked.

Although many don’t realize it, we’re on the leading edge of a revolution. Home automation will change how we live and work, hopefully for the better. 


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