Its Mobile Majesty – App, the Business Booster Its Mobile Majesty –...

Its Mobile Majesty – App, the Business Booster Its Mobile Majesty – App, the Business Booster


We are living in a world of apps. Their use and popularity is a phenomenon of the modern age. This is why they are becoming the decisive factor in the business world, too. If a business does not offer an app on Google Play, App Store and Microsoft Store, it could reduce the chance of it becoming a successful enterprise. But what does it take to devise a useful app suitable for business growth and purposes?

Learning from others

Working in the online environment offers a great opportunity to practice observational learning. It means that creative ideas can cross one’s mind by observing others solutions. Indeed, sharing ideas in virtual space can boost imagination to unbelievable heights. Because of that, business owners should analyze what other businesses do with apps. What is important here is to adopt useful features and incorporate similar functions to your apps. On the other hand, experimenting should be avoided, especially by small businesses. It will be too expensive, with uncertain outcomes. Therefore, follow app markets and analyze users’ feedback to learn from their opinions. Also, check this list of things to avoid when making a mobile app.

Part of larger marketing campaign

An isolated app will not gain proper recognition. When a business team is crafting a marketing strategy, they have to make their app for mobile platforms an integral part of that strategy. It can be treated as the cherry on top of a marketing effort. Therefore, it has to contain all visual elements important to the business, such as logo and visual appeal. Since its functionality could determine the future success of the business in question, an app should be tested prior to launch. The interface and user experience (UX) features are crucial to its success. This is why every app needs to pass several stages of testing before presenting to end users. Moreover, if users give negative feedback, app developers have to react immediately, then prepare updates that will fix the bugs.

Personal app investment

Services of app-developing teams cost a lot. Actually, the rates required by those pros could be cost prohibitive for the average small business. This is where you need to use your imagination. If you take some time to conduct a research on your own, you will notice that the already-suggested observational learning can be extremely useful in developing your own apps. When you have gathered all the important information about the latest trends in app creation, you can try using templates from a mobile app builder. It is a reasonable idea for start-ups with limited budgets. However, such home-made apps also require testing and analyzing prior to public offering.

Less is more (useful) for apps

The essence of every app should be simplicity. Internet users in general do not give much time to online content to win their attention, let alone mobile users. They want apps to be simple and useful. In accordance with such expectations, business owners and their app developers have to keep their apps as simple as possible. Forget about multiple buttons or numerous slides. A business app has to be an efficient tool that will persuade people to use your business services even more. You can have a look at some handy business apps that were popular in 2015 to get the idea of what you need.

If a business is in dire straits, an app will not help it get better. On the other hand, what a mobile app needs to boost a business is being part of a well-run and organized enterprise. When used in a practical and original way to present a successful business, mobiles apps can contribute to its success.

Dan Radak is a web hosting security professional with ten years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of online security, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and regular contributor to Technivorz.


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