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Love & Technology

The principle purpose of technology is to make our lives easier and more comfortable. In the early 21st century it seems as if this reflects on every single aspect of our lives. We work online, we get our entertainment from various forms of devices, and we get most of our information from blogs and social networks. But what about love? Has this actually changed the way we fall in love? Has this changed our relationships? The answers to these questions are actually quite hard to give. Still, let’s at least give it a shot.

Dating Sites

One of the greatest differences that technology brought us is the way in which people meet each other. Sure, there are still those who go out and mingle with people in clubs, instigate office romances or even fall for perfect strangers. On the other hand, there is an official statistic that almost 40 million of Americans use dating sites. While in the past, there was some sort of stigma connected to this idea. Today, it is no longer so. In fact, by filling in the form correctly, one can hope to find someone with similar or same interests in a moment’s notice. Very efficient and practical even if it isn’t that romantic.

Language of Love

Another thing that changed is the language of love. Instead of writing love letters, today we communicate via Skype, Viber or Facebook. This has inevitably brought to the evolution of love language. Abbreviations, emoticons, and memes now rule the discourse of those in love. Now, some are too harsh on this phenomenon and claim that it is the degeneration of English language, but love was never about utterances, but emotions. It is the gesture that really means something and sometimes it can be shown as accurately with emoticons as it can with words.


Another great advantage of this crossover between technology and love, is that it can perhaps make even its darker side a bit more convenient. For example, if your love is in the end and the only option left is separation, it is much less unpleasant to do it through California Divorce Online, than drag yourself around the courtrooms. This however, doesn’t make it easier, but it helps make this entire ordeal shorter. Sometimes, this is all you can hope for.

Long Distance Relationships

Finally, one of the greatest advantages technology has brought to love is that it has made long distance relationships a lot easier. Few decades ago, if you fell in love during your holiday, and wanted to maintain your relationship even after you both got home, it would have been a proper nightmare. First, you would have to pay a fortune for international calls or wait forever for your mail to arrive. Today however, through Skype or Viber you can video chat with them every single day. Of course, it is never the same thing, but when your only alternative is not seeing each other for the most part of the year, it can be a genuine saving grace.


Technology is a tool, which means that on its own, it cannot ruin love or make it more beautiful. It simply does what we tell it to do. Sure, getting divorced online is less embarrassing and more convenient than doing so in the courtroom, but it doesn’t mean that it hurts less. Furthermore, even the most beautiful flower dies after a few days, so its material value as a gift is not that great. All that matters is a gesture, and a true gesture can be faithfully shown even in the digital world.

Dan Radak is a marketing professional with ten years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and regular contributor to Technivorz.


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