How Laser Printer & Toner Cartridges Work

How Laser Printer & Toner Cartridges Work


Printers have become an essential part of today’s world, and yet many people still don’t understand exactly how these machines work. Whether it’s an inkjet or a laser printer, the process can be a mystery. If you’re interested in the mechanics of laser printing, toner cartridge function, and the best laser printers available, read on to discover how these technologies work.

The Laser Printing Process

While many printers use liquid ink to produce type and images, the laser printer uses toner, a fine powder that is dusted onto the page. If you’re wondering how the powder adheres in the form of letters, number, and pictures, this is where the laser comes in.

Essentially, the laser is the most important part of the printing process. As it passes over a piece of paper, the laser transforms the positive electromagnetic charge on certain parts of a page into a negative charge. Then, when the paper is passed under the toner, the positively charged powder sticks to the negatively charged parts of the paper.

To bind the powder and the page together, a laser printer also has hot rollers underneath of the paper. When the hot rollers move across the toner, they melt and attach to the paper fibers. To melt the toner, the rollers need to be very hot, thus forcing the paper to move very quickly to avoid burning.

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Toner Cartridge Operations

The powder, known as toner, is usually stored in a toner hopper. The small container is built into a removable casing, which allows the printer to gather toner with a developer unit featuring a collection of small, negatively charged beads. The beads transfer the toner to drum assembly that pulls the powder away due to its stronger negative charge. This charge is outmatched by the negative charge created on the paper by the laser, forcing the toner powder onto paper.

The Evolution of the Laser Printer

While laser printers only used black toner initially, most printers today, including the top 3 printers of 2016, use CMYK to create colorful images and text. With many printers, the laser process that was used with the black toner is now repeated four separate times, once for each powder color. With other printers, such as the ones with HP printer ink cartridges, all of the colors are added at once. In relatively expensive printers, there is a toner and laser system for each color, with the paper collecting each colored powder along the printer like an assembly line.

The Best Printer and Toner For You

No matter the type of printer you have, toner refills are essential. Finding reliable powder compatible with your machine is paramount to proper color and quality prints. Conduct some research to find reliable and affordable retailers that provide OEM toners and cartridges.


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