Landing Page Workshop, Instructor Marty Romero

Tech in America and the VEDC Women’s Business Center-Los Angeles (WBC-LA) will offer a free web page design workshop emphasizing “Landing Page Essentials”, aimed at new and seasoned entrepreneurs.

The 2-hour workshop will teach the vital skills needed to enhance your site’s Internet presence through impactful landing pages, thus enhancing user experience and increasing conversion rate.

According to course presenter Marty Romero:

“Landing pages are the heart and soul of any lead generation strategy, but they are so underutilized. This workshop provides a good starting point for anyone wanting to optimize or implement landing pages as part of their marketing plan.”

Workshop TiA & Summer 2016
Workshop TiA & 2016

Marsel Watts, Project Director at WBC-LA adds, “Our free workshops are a pragmatic way to jump-start the design and marketing process. The Internet is, after all, the great equalizer. A web presence enables startups and existing businesses the opportunity to increase revenue. Online marketing facilitates expansion of a site’s global reach. Offering website visitors a good experience makes a huge difference in the success of one’s business.”

Workshop presenter Marty Romero runs Tiny Brands, a digital marketing, and design studio. He is lead faculty at Fremont College’s Digital Marketing program and teaches graphic and web design at Cal State University Dominguez Hills….and serves as a community outreach specialist at Tech in America.

Instructor Marty Romero at VEDC Landing Page Wrokshop
Instructor Marty Romero at VEDC Landing Page Workshop


The Landing Page Essentials workshop is the first in a monthly series.

Want to join us? Sign up now to attend the June 8, 2016 workshop. WBC-LA is located at 5121 Van Nuys Blvd., Sherman Oaks, CA. For additional workshops hosted by Tech in America, contact us to learn more.



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