Robotics: Build A Robot Arm – free online course at FutureLearn

SHARE offers a variety of free courses in beginner languages, science basics and advanced, plus general education courses.  Subscribers can learn on the go through mobile technology or through standard desktop learning.  The beauty to FutureLearn is the free course offerings, given the number of institutions requiring cost-prohibitive tuition challenging middle-class and poverty-stricken regions around the world, when paying for anything can be challenging.  The internet isn’t short on education offering from popular MOOCS offered by Ivy League schools, some free and others paid, course options are plentiful.

“Education shouldn’t be a privilege limited to the haves.” 

On a lighter note, we learned of FutureLearn through the robotics and science courses and thought you might want to check them out. With more than 5 million registered users, join a classroom towards learning a new skill through FutureLearn. Some courses include but not limited to are:

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