How to Protect Kids in Cyberspace (Games & Apps)

How to Protect Kids in Cyberspace (Games & Apps)


Keeping kids safe is one job that all parents consider a top priority. And, with potential danger waiting at the next web page, cyberspace isn’t any different.

Although the internet has many benefits, it also has content that isn’t appropriate for children. Simple rules and guidelines can go a long way when it comes to protection. With technology improving daily, there are games and apps that can help in this process. With kids enjoying safe content on a protected device, you can be sure that you will steer them out of harm’s way.

A Safe Environment6

Set up a safe cyber environment. First, make sure the devices in your home are secure. Kids should also never come in direct contact with the electric parts of any device. As for cyberspace, make sure you have reliable anti-virus software. Also, you can use filtering software to protect kids from explicit websites. Another thing is to enable family safety features on your system. For added safety, be sure to block pop-ups and set privacy settings to keep certain inappropriate content well away from kids.

Set Some Rules

Set up rules to guide your children in the right direction. The internet poses many dangers for child safety. With suspicious content all around them, rules will help you protect them. Teach them to never give out personal information. This will protect them from suspicious people preying on their innocence. Always make sure curiosity doesn’t get the best of them, so provide your children with appropriate and engaging content. Most of all, show your child respect by explaining the reasons behind your rules. When they are treated with respect, you will be sure that they will follow your rules to the letter.

Set a Limit

Limiting the time your kids spend in front of devices is vital for their health. Kids should spend no more than three hours in front of the screen on a daily basis. This will allow more room for development through other activities. It will also reduce the risk of computer vision syndrome and cyber addiction. And, with all that spare time, it can have a positive effect on their posture and muscle development. Since your children aren’t being over-stimulated, you can be sure they will use their time wisely.

Games Help

Online games can provide an ample source of entertainment, as well as being a great learning source. This is something that both of you can enjoy while spending quality time together. Providing your kids with healthy gaming content can also improve their education. You can introduce kids to cool online math games and language based games. Through math games, kids can master their numbers and basic calculus. Word games will help with everything from reading and writing to their vocabulary skills. Taking advantage of colorful and interactive games is a great way to keep them out of trouble and entertained.

Go Traditional

Sparking curiosity in traditional games can also interest and protect your kids. Interactive online Sudoku, crossword puzzles, and memory games can be great for their development. Kids can develop logical thinking, pattern recognition, hand-eye coordination, and improved memory from exercising their skills on educational games. As an added bonus, these games are interesting to parents as well. And, with you being their competition, you can be sure you will always know what they are up to.

Kids Place

With the entire world going smart, there is a wide range of apps created with kids in mind. Kids Place is a parental control app that creates a child-friendly environment. After installation, it sets up a customized home screen on your child’s smartphone. Providing you with a suggestion list, it will only display apps approved by you. Apart from that, kids will not be able to download new apps without permission. Another feature is the timer. You can determine the time limit and restrict your kids from overusing their devices. Additionally, you can block calls and manage wireless privacy settings.

Norton Family Parental Control

Norton Family Parental Control is a great cyber safety app. You can easily track your child’s online whereabouts and have it displayed on your screen. Apart from monitoring their online history, it will also disable inappropriate websites. In addition, you will receive notifications if your child comes in contact with explicit content. This app also has a premium version. By spending a bit more, you can block threats, view your child’s message log, be able to monitor their app downloads, and always be on top of your child’s online actions.

Finally, don’t force your child. It can create a counter effect and blow up in your face. Properly teach them good habits, and be sure to use reason. Set up rules, take some safety measures, and then take a step back. If you have faith in your child, they will do their best to stay clear of danger.

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