How Online Casinos Keep Your Money Safe From Hackers?

How Online Casinos Keep Your Money Safe From Hackers?


Putting real cash online to play in virtual casinos might sound too risky for some people. With so many hacking scandals happening in the last couple of years, you have every right to be cautious. Still, this doesn’t mean online sports books and casinos are not safe. In fact, the chances for the hackers to steal the money from your account are extremely low.

Furthermore, you should be actually praying for something like that to happen, as the sportsbook/casino would reimburse you in total, while also paying you a considerable amount of money for the inconvenience.But, this all belongs to the world of fiction – security breaches do not happen in online casinos. Why? Because they use the MD 5 system!

How MD 5 Protection System Works?

By encrypting all the info found on an online gambling site, the MD 5 algorithm turns it into a complicated code, which is impossible to break. Of course, hackers did try to break it a number of times, but the system creates so complicated codes that it’s virtually impossible to crack them.

The only way hackers can get to your casino money is if you give it to them. We’re not talking about giving away your money willingly. They may use some tricks that would make you present them with your account info.

Keeping Your Casino Account Safe?

One of the most common tricks hackers have been using recently to steal the accounts of online casino players is called phishing. How it works is that they send an email with a design that’s very similar to your favorite online casino. In the message, they ask of you to click on a certain link, which would open a website where you would need to enter your casino username and password.

You would think that you’re logging into your casino account, but in fact, you’re just giving away your credentials to the hackers. The only way to prevent falling for this type of scam is to be careful. You need to stay away from emails with messages that sound too good to be true, i.e. the email is claiming you won a 10k award from the casino.

But how to distinguish from real casino offers like free spins no deposit nz and fake ones? A thing to pay attention to is the URL of the website. Most legit casino websites use SSL certificate to ensure the online safety, which is why their URL starts with https://. If the suspicious link doesn’t start like that, you can be sure it’s a scam.

Ways to Improve Your Account’s Safety

According to a research of online security agencies, most users pick rather short and predictable passwords for their online accounts. If you think you’re being clever by using a password like the word “password” or sequence of numbers like “123456789”, we need to tell you to change it ASAP. Instead, make sure to choose a password that contains both letters and numbers, but also special letters like exclamation mark or a dash.

Another thing to pay attention is which device you’re using when playing online casino games. You need to make sure you only play them from your pc or mobile. If you use a public computer, in a coffee shop for example, pay attention not to let the device remember the password.


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