If you’re the type of person who is constantly looking for new ways to upgrade your car, you may want to consider a lip kit.

As a more economical alternative to a chin spoiler or a front lip spoiler, lip kits provide both aesthetic and performance improvements that any driver is sure to appreciate. It is easy to tell that a lip kit gives your car that cool customized lowered look, but there are plenty of other reasons to use one. Here are a few of the benefits you can anticipate.

Reduce Lift for Better Handling

BMW 7 Series E65/E66 White 745LI Full Prior Design Kit and 22" Wheels

credit: Prior Design NA

When wind travels underneath your car, it creates lift, which reduces the stability of the vehicle. This is especially noticeable when you’re traveling at high speeds or taking turns. A fat lip kit effectively blocks wind from the bottom of the vehicle, encouraging it to pass over the top and along the sides. The result is that your vehicle feels more stable and glued to the road. This increased down force also improves the safety of your car by reducing your chances of losing control of the vehicle.

Improve Aerodynamics to Boost Speed

Eliminating turbulence improves handling, but that is not all. By lessening wind resistance, you are also going to notice that your car is able to travel faster and more efficiently. If you ever take a trip down to the race track, you are going to notice that the vehicles are designed to be as aerodynamic as possible. Of course, you don’t need to be a racecar driver to enjoy those benefits. The difference may not be drastic, but even minor performance gains are always appreciated.

Reduce Strain on Your Vehicle

A lip kit can actually extend the lifespan of your vehicle by reducing strain on its components. Better aerodynamics means that your vehicle doesn’t need to work as hard to get from point A to B. According to All-Fit Automotive, this also improves your vehicle’s fuel economy, saving you some cash in the long term. Again, you may not notice drastic or immediate gas mileage improvements, but small savings really do add up over time.

Prevent Body Damage

Hardcore automotive enthusiasts have been known to shed a tear when they notice a new scratch or ding on their car. If you can’t stand the thought of body damage, a lip kit is a must. The roads are full of tiny obstacles like rocks, sticks, snow, salt, and other debris that could cause unsightly dents. Besides keeping your car looking fresh and clean, a lip kit also helps to keep the value of your car at its highest.
Prior Design Porsche Cayenne PD600 Wide Body Kit

image: Prior Design NA

Choose the Right Kit

Not all lip kits are the same. As with any car modification, it is crucial that you spend some time doing product research before you get started. Read reviews online and talk to knowledgeable automotive enthusiasts about your options. Fortunately, lip kits are surprisingly affordable, and installing them is very easy. If you’re looking to boost your car’s performance and aesthetics, you won’t find a better value out there today.


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