Google ABC Brings Together Generation “.xyz”: What does this all mean?

Google ABC Brings Together Generation “.xyz”: What does this all mean?


If you haven’t heard the news from the bloggers you follow or your local digital analysts voicing their opinions on CBS, FOX or ABC, Google is rebranding and will no longer dominate the world!! Well that may be an exaggerated cliché to get your attention, but it’s true that Google will now be a subsidiary to company called “Alphabet.” Larry Page, the CEO and co-founder, announced their “cleaner and more accountable” plan.

Does this mean the Alphabet is the new Google, where Google will dissolve and be forgotten? Certainly not. Especially with the success Google’s tools have offered within businesses, mobile, media, geo, home & office, social, and specialized search—there is no way these features would be dissolved! Other parts of Google pushed the directional limits of their size and business capability, such as Google X, which made more sense to separate and act on its own under the Alphabet umbrella.

Alphabet acquired a new web address named As of now, you will see the website only contains a letter by Page describing the changes soon to come. Plans are still relatively vague, but we do know what companies and divisions of Google lie underneath the umbrella of Alphabet and what services are remaining with Google.

Businesses remaining a part of Google include:

  • Search
  • Advertising
  • Maps
  • Apps
  • YouTube
  • Android

Businesses under the umbrella of Alphabet:

  • Calico (Anti-aging research and development company)
  • Fiber (Google’s high speed internet speed)
  • Google Capital (Investment Arms: Late stage and growth        equity investments)
  • Google Ventures (Investment Arms: Early stage                      investments)
  • Google X (A semi-secret innovative lab creating flying delivery    drones, self-driven cars, and other wacky robotics that will      take over our future)
  • Nest (Popularly known for the Nest Thermostat and other        smart home products)

Taking on Alphabet, Page will become the new CEO, Google co-founder Sergey Brin will become the president, and Eric Schmidt will become the executive chairman. Google head of product and engineering Sundar Pichai will take over as Google’s CEO. Other Google project companies under the Alphabet are still shifting power around to configure and assign a head CEO per business branch.

So what’s all the hullabaloo about? People are in place (or almost in place) and the consumer is still using Google how they always have before. Is anything really changing?

For those with ties to Google’s stocks, Google shares will convert into Alphabet shares, but GOOGL and GOOG will continue to trade on NASDAQ. Other than that and re-labeling, there is no immediate change.


In the future, Broadview Networks predicts change in the way we use the web in the future. The domain “.xyz” may challenge some sites to adjust to meet the needs to “.xyz” and other companies’ top level domains that want to get crafty like Google. The idea to expand the creativity and branding through the use of domains may also cause an expansion that may impact cloud functionality.

Be sure to prepare for these potential adjustments when they come around. Analysts predict tracking data may become more difficult and holes could cause various potential problems. Who knows if other aspects of the cloud could be impacted as well, so it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Read our articles discussing The Importance of Backing Up Your Data and Apps and Recommended Strategies for Disaster and recovery and Avoidance to learn about way to protect valuable assets to your business. While time and effort has been put into Alphabet and rules are in place for business’ creating new top level domains, what the future holds is always unpredictable especially when one technology driven world shares one internet.


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