Github releases Atom, a text-editor for coders

Github releases Atom, a text-editor for coders


atom520x245.jpgGithub today took the wraps off a new text editor named Atom. The company has been working on Atom for over six years and has made the new editor available as part of an invite-only beta program.

Atom is entirely open source and the company is calling it a hackable text editor for the 21st Century and was born because the company believes that Sublime and TextMate offer convenience but only limited extensibility for developers and can be harder for new coders to learn.

In a post announcing the new editor today, Github said that Atom began as an experiment and quickly became a tool that the company couldn t live without. Atom is entirely built with web technology but runs on the desktop, similar to Adobe’s Brackets project.

Atom is in closed beta for Mac users right now, but invites are going out over the next few weeks as the company expands the test.

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