GhostBird and Rondee Quietly Purchased By Yahoo

GhostBird and Rondee Quietly Purchased By Yahoo


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After the whilrwind and widely publicized purchase of Tumblr,  Melissa Myers and Yahoo continue scooping up Startups, a move that will certainly continue the goal of maintianing popularity, relevance and powerful as a business leader in its sector.

Ghostbird Software was the beneficiary of this wonderful double acquition for the week  (details undisclosed at the moment).  The company is a photo app maker for iOS, which are known to the market as KitCam, PhotoForge and PhotoForge2.

The second beneficiary is Rondee, the free conference calling solutions company founded in 2007 and headquartered in Palo Alto, California.  Again, details were undisclosed.

Though a scorebaord isn’t necessary, it would be nice to see the exact number of companies and startups acquired since Melissa has taken over the helm at Yahoo, is the number up or down year to date?

Thank you. TiA.


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