How Funtertainment Employee Perks Boost Office Efficiency

How Funtertainment Employee Perks Boost Office Efficiency


While a huge number of all the businesses in the world rely on different technological features, business owners are often very restrictive when it comes to fun and entertainment at work. However, it is clear today that restrictions are the worst choice for business owners who want to achieve a higher level of workers’ productivity. For instance, gaming is only one of the fun features that can be used in a productive way at work [source]. So, what other features show that fun tech solutions increase productivity?

A gamified world

First and foremost, a large number of many software tools and tangible things are based on gamification. The key element of this process is to make users of a product or a service entertained while they are being served. For instance, social media and smartphone apps contain a lot of such features that grasp our attention in a subtle way. Therefore, if your workers play games during some free time at work, it will help them understand the underlying structure of many features of the modern world. Have a look here on this topic in a piece published on

Sound of success

Can you imagine working in a completely silent area? Our addiction to noise and sounds is so widely spread that many people find it hard to focus on work if it is not accompanied by some music or noise in the background. It will depend on the office etiquette of every particular business, but office managers and business owners should allow their employees to listen to their favorite music when they are at work. Of course, since people have different music tastes, they should be advised to use headphones. And now a useful HR tip – if you do not have too many workers on your payroll, you could buy them headphones. Just determine the price limit and tell the workers to choose whatever headphones they want within that range. it is a small investment in comparison to the joy and satisfaction you will give to your workers.

Online entertainment

If 2,000 years ago all roads led to Rome, today every path of entertainment leads to the Internet. Therefore, if you want your employees to be satisfied with the range of fun employee perks they are offered in your office, read and compare broadband deals, to equip your office with a reliable and smooth Internet connection. However, as opposition to such a liberal approach to your employees using the web for fun at work, you should always stress out that they can indulge in their little funtertainment joys as long as they finish their work assignments on time.

Tangible fun extras

In addition to those interactive perks that make a work day in an office a more pleasant experience, let’s not forget about some good old fun stuff from the real world. If you want your employees to have similar chances to win a game during a break, install a table tennis table in the company backyard or one of the offices. Moreover, you can organize regular bowling hangouts for your employees. There is hardly a better activity for team building that gives both men and women equal chances to win than bowling. After all the fun they will have at the bowling alley, they will have more things to talk about at work.

As you can see, fun and entertainment are more than welcome in every business surroundings. When your workers know they can relax and take a break from work, they will have more will and determination to get back to work and yield some great results. 


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