Firefighter’s Most Necessary Pieces of Equipment

Firefighter’s Most Necessary Pieces of Equipment


Firefighters, perhaps more than any other profession, face a wide variety of high-pressure situations at their job.

They rescue, protect, and save people from just about any catastrophe imaginable. On top of that, they battle with one of the most deadly natural phenomena known to man: fire. With this in mind, it is clear that firefighters must be outfitted with a special array of equipment to shield them from work-related injury.

More Than Equipment

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For that reason, the tools and equipment firefighters use depend on are more than just important work implements; they can mean the difference between life and death. Though danger and bodily harm is a day-to-day risk firefighters take on the job, being prepared can guarantee the safety and professionalism that synonymous with firefighting.

Firefighter equipment encompasses a wide range of tools and supplies. From boots and gloves, to helmets and hazmat gear, firefighters need professional top quality equipment they can count on to get the job done right.


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One of the most important and iconic pieces of equipment firefighters count on is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Turnout gear (jackets, pants, overalls) provides a layer of protection from heat and other extreme conditions for the modern firefighter. Following NFPA guidelines, turnout gear won’t ignite, melt, drip, or separate, even when exposed to extreme heat of 500º F, up to 5 minutes.

Turnout Boots

When combined with turnout jackets, pants, and gloves, boots provide another crucial layer of protection for firefighters. Firefighter duty boots don’t just protect against extreme elements—they also provide support, comfort, and stability. The nature of firefighting involves exposure to many potential hazards, turnout boots are required to protect against a wide range of blows and burns. Turnout boots should offer puncture and toe protection, as well as adhere to NFPA compliance.


It should come as no surprise that gloves are an incredibly important piece of equipment for firefighters. The ability to grip equipment, hoses, ladders, and trapped individuals while simultaneously protecting valuable digits from heat, smoke, and fire is a must. As different situations require different gloves, most firefighters utilize a wide variety of gloves for rescue operations, wildfires, and structural fires.

Breathing Equipment

Up to this point the equipment we’ve discussed provides external protection. Breathing equipment provides internal protection from smoke inhalation and more. Breathing air systems allow firefighters the protection necessary to work in extremely harsh environments. They filter smoke and other toxins allowing the responder time needed in toxic conditions to find trapped individuals and properly fight fires in structures and in the wild.

The Right Tools For the Job

Firefighters and first responders count on these tools and equipment to help get the job done quickly and efficiently, utilizing dependable gear they can count on. At L.N. Curtis & Sons, they proudly deliver high-quality equipment and tools—ranging from turnout gear to gloves and breathing equipment—that help firefighters safely perform the task at hand.



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