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Finding the right Printed Circuit Board (PCB) developer can be somewhat confusing, as there are many such developers across the U.S.A. Well, two things can make this job confusion-free as well as hassle-free, which are knowing your needs and avoiding selection based on a single criterion such as price or popularity.

The very first step to hire a PCB professional easily is to know what you need or what is your purpose. Do you need a PCB for introducing some innovation or it is for improving your business productivity?

“If you choose a PCB developer based on popularity alone, you might find it irrelevant or too costly.”

Similarly, a low-cost service provider is likely to compromise durability or functionality. Further, he is likely to avoid using a quality PCB design tool or outsource your work.

Based on these two factors, you can go ahead and easily shortlist the PCB developers. However, for choosing a professional one, which is always recommended for fulfilling a technical purpose, you need to ensure the below qualities:

Relevantly Experienced

It is a fact that thousands of components can go on PCBs. This means you can have a variety of PCBs. However, because you know what you need, the developer you choose should practically know how to fulfill that need.

In simple words, the developer should have good experience for your particular project. There is no effectiveness in selecting a cost-effective and popular developer who has never made what you want.

Confirm this quality by asking a portfolio of past work and client contacts. As a wise customer, do call up those contacts and find out how satisfied they are with the products of this developer.


Once you are sure that the PCB developer has satisfactory and relevant experience, it is best to check out the certifications and accreditations. This is the common attribute of a professional in any field.

In the field of PCB designing, a Certified Interconnected Designer (CID) certification is quite popular and admirable. It imparts the knowledge of industry standards, and not of just one company. This means that the CID-certified developers know how to adapt to dynamic or specific needs.

This certification is from the Institute of Printed Circuits (IPC). It is a global agency that promotes the spirited brilliance of companies that design, specify, create, and utilize PCBs. The IPC-certified professionals know how to create an efficient and effective PCB of any type.

Updated Knowledge

All PCB designers and developers have the basic knowledge of developing printed circuit boards. However, not all of them bother to stay updated with the latest trends, tools, and inventions. A professional will always remain updated, which is a critical quality to have.

As a fact, PCB designing itself is a continuous evolving field. Thus, the developer you choose should be aware of the most user-friendly and customized tools, and revolutionary trends. Only with such updates in the developer’s knowledgebase, you can get a cost-effective, dynamic, and efficient PCB design.

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