Facebook’s East German Secret Police

Facebook’s East German Secret Police

Ex-Stasi Hired to Curb Free Speech

Annetta Kahane, Facebook Germany

Germans can’t speak against the rising tide of Arab immigrants flooding Northern Europe. The penalty for public sentiment against continued migration from war-torn Syria is 90 days in Jail or a 5000 Euro fine. Imagine our surprise on discovering Facebook works to enforce the policy.

We’re not talking racial slurs here, though that accusation is used to justify Germany’s behavior. Dissenters face loss of career, home, savings and family. Americans may be angered at discovering Facebook’s role in the repression, but it’s the how that rankles. Recently, CEO Mark Zuckerberg was caught on open mike discussing the hire of former East German secret police officer Annetta Kahane to troll the pages of German Facebook in pursuit of offenders. The former Stasi, as the KGB trained security officers are known, represents the worst era in Soviet style tyranny – one we’d thought over when the Berlin Wall fell.

The Facebook Stasi hire didn’t occur in a vacuum. Less than 10 Years ago, our own Homeland security employed ex-Stasi chief Marcus Wolf to consult American security forces. The U.S. paid Wolff a small fortune, as they also did feared KGB torture expert, General Yevgeny Primakov. Both Wolf and Primakov are now dead, but their legacy reemerges in German Facebook’s actions.

Just days ago, conservative talk show host and infowars proprietor Alex Jones reported on cute little Sophia Cruz’s Washington DC. plea for immigrant amnesty during an ‘unplanned’ encounter with the visiting Pope. You may remember the young girl’s moment with the Pontiff, but it turns out events weren’t quite so spontaneous as billed. Closer examination of video revealed secret service escort over barriers and through the crowd. Her plea cited complex immigration law before ending with a t-shirt gift – all elements of a well crafted media event. Days later, Facebook blocked social sharing of an infowars video revealing details behind the staged meeting.

It appears that at least where official policy intrudes, Facebook enforces political correctness at the expense of free speech. If you do or don’t believe Facebook’s actions are consistent with American freedom of expression guarantees, we welcome your opinion in the comments below.


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