FACEBOOKs Big Influence and More Top Tech Stories

FACEBOOKs Big Influence and More Top Tech Stories


Mark Zuckerberg acknowledges that there’s a darker, perhaps dangerous side to Facebook’s gargantuan influence, which has helped create a “right-wing echo chamber” and isolating “filter bubbles.” Zuckerberg has made a personal pledge to talk to people in every state of the U.S. by the end of the year; track his trek here.
[Farhad Manjoo / The New York Times]

Overcast shows how the Apple Watch could be a better music (and podcast) player. Commentary: The Overcast podcast app’s latest update shows the promise — and the problems — of away-from-phone playback on Apple Watch. [Scott Stein/CNET]

The Cassini spacecraft’s dive in between Saturn’s rings, explained.  The spacecraft begins its “grand finale” before crashing into the gas giant later this year. [

Google’s self-driving-car startup Waymo is offering free rides in its fleet of 100 self-driving minivans to “early rider” residents of Phoenix.; the company has ordered 500 more Chrysler Pacifica minivans for the fleet. Google has been operating self-driving cars on public roads for years; Uber is operating  Pittsburgh last September. [Andrew J. Hawkins / The Verge]

Google says it will do a better job getting rid of fake news in search results. The company says 0.25 percent of queries return “offensive or clearly misleading” results. [Deepa Seetharaman / Wall Street Journal]

Marissa Mayer will make $187 million when Verizon buys Yahoo. Mayer, who will leave Yahoo when the transaction closes, made more than $200 million in other comp during her five-year tenure [Vindu Goel/ New York Times]

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