Election Rigging Just Got Real


At the website blackboxvoting.org, election fraud expert Bev Harris presents a video (Fraction Magic) in which she and programmer Bennie Smith demonstrate the exact method electronic election software and hardware can be manipulated country wide.

Smith originally doubted the possibility but approached the problem like a hacker only to discover that all the precursors to easy election manipulation had been purposely inserted into the software by the manufacturer.

The short strokes are as follows. In order to make fraud easy, the machine must count votes, not as whole numbers – 1 vote for 1 person – but must instead allow decimal fractions so the race can be manipulated by percentages. In the final fraudulent election reports, the decimals don’t show though the tampering can be detected with proper auditing – auditing which has been systematically removed from regulations across the country.

The Fraction Magic video demonstrates how one could secretly change any election and produce believable if faked results across all the reporting documents in almost every voting precinct – changes made to the video’s Diebold software have been duplicated by every machine vendor, casting doubts on electronic voting in most of America.

Conclusion: someone has gone to great lengths to ensure that an individual with access can silently and quickly make our elections come out any way desired.

Worse, the Fraction Magic video includes damning security tapes of election officials in one Tennessee audit case trying to cover their tracks when experts Harris and Smith were called in to monitor – and similar behavior is reported across the nation. With electronic data, who counts the vote really matters.

Bottom line: don’t let anyone tell you elections can’t be rigged in America. It already has been done, and safeguards meant to protect our Democracy’s all important voting tradition are now neutered. Presently, Democratic party operatives are in control of the count in many suspect districts, though election fraud has a rich history in both major parties.

Day by day, reports of voting irregularities already mar the 2016 election. In a presidential race that proves the old adage that politics is a blood sport, it is our very Democracy that appears to be bleeding out.

During October, Wikileaks evidence converting multiple conspiracy theories to fact. Thanks to Bev Harris and Bennie Smith at blackboxvoting.org, the supposed impossibility of nationwide election rigging has been exposed as a very real and troubling threat.


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