EaseUS Partition Master “Free”: Most Liked Application

EaseUS Partition Master “Free”: Most Liked Application


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It offers all the key features that you would love to have in a partitioning application.

EaseUS Free Partition Manager allows us to expand the system partition (partition ‘C’). The need of expansion of the system partition is because of the data downloaded is saved manually in this partition.  This data occupies much space and disturb the efficiency of the system.

This partition software helps to resolve low disk space problems.  It can manage disk space on Master Boot Record (MBR) or GUID Partition Table (GPT) quite comfortably.  It runs on WindowsXP/7/8/10 etc. This helps us to run our windows 10 computer smoothly.

Some of the astonishing features of the EaseUS Partition Master Free

Partition Master Free has some great and fascinating features that make it different from the other applications of this category.
• Is a helpful tool to resize or move partitions on your PC or   laptop.  It does not harm any data in this process.

• Can convert two partitions into one particular partition to keep your data safe in one place. It can split one partition into two or three partitions as well according to the requirements.

• FAT (File Allocation Table) is converted to NTFS (New Technology File System) through this software.

• Works on all the windows that are used nowadays.

• Does not require windows re-installation to copy one hard disk to another.

• Partition Recovery Wizard is used to recover lost data in your PC.  This is the most promising features of the Partition Master Free.

• New partitions are made through this without any difficulty.

• Helpful in converting primary partition to Logical partition.

• Conversion of MBR to GPT disk and GPT to MBR disk is easier through it.  No data is lost or harmed through the process.

• Used to format or delete unwanted data permanently from the disk.

• Supports up to 8TB GPT disk.

• Partition Master Free supports removable media too. You can attach SD card, USB or any other media as well. You can create folders or partitions in them. It is the most appreciated feature of the Application.

• Supports multiple languages. So everyone living in any part of the world can use this application.

This application is used by more than 30 million people all over the world. The paid version of the EaseUS Partition Master has wonderful features. So download it and keep your laptop or computer reliable and smooth. EASEUS-logo-150



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