Drone Racing: Future Sport?

Drone Racing: Future Sport?

A drone racing competition was recently held in Dubai and the total prize point was $1 million dollars.


Drone Racing! E-sports have taken the world by surprise in the last decade by increasing the number of people attaining to events where people play video-games by the thousands.

Now, a new future sport is in town, and it has a lot more to offer than you might think.  DJI Phantom 4 – Visionary Intelligence. Elevated Imagination.

Drone racing is something only recently made possible by advancements in technology and the drop in prices of building materials.

For example, here’s a summary for the search term “drone racing” in google Trends:drone-racing-statistics (1)

As you might have guessed, many hobbyists found that their very fast drones can be used for more than air tricks. And recently, races between such very fast multi-rotors has become the mainstream way to entertain themselves.

This is not an isolated event, though. More and more people are hopping on the train and many companies, like the infamous consumer drone manufacturer DJI, are sponsoring such events in the hope to make drones a mainstream sport.

You might be skeptical at this point, but let me tell you this:

A drone racing competition was recently held in Dubai and the total prize point was  $1 million dollars.

Considering the first place got about $250.000, this is already starting to look like a serious international sport.

The competition was called “Dubai World Drone Prix” and the winner for the first place was a 15-year-old kid from England (despite the many adult professionals participating).

Drone Racing in Dubai
Drone Racing in Dubai

This shows that almost anyone can join and not only have fun, but also make some sweet money from this venture.

So, what does it take to get into the drone racing sport?

First of all, you have to start by practicing flying with a beginner quad-copter to learn the basics of flying. I’ve written a complete guide on how to get your first drone.

After you learn your way through beginner flying for a while and think you’re ready to move on, you can finally buy an RTF (ready-to-fly) racing drone and get more practice with that.

DJI OSMO MOBILE – Make Every Shot Smooth as Silk

There are also many guides online, showing you how to build your own racing drone from scratch by using different parts.This is probably the perfect way to get a more visceral feeling about the hobby and the intricacies of this cool technology.


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