Will Disney Buy Twitter? Can Mickey Monetize the Micro-Blogger?

Will Disney Buy Twitter? Can Mickey Monetize the Micro-Blogger?


Are you wondering whether Disney will buy Twitter?

Twitter is finally hogging the limelight for all sad reasons. The micro-blogging giant is finally giving up and has opened the bid for sale. Yes, Twitter is on sale! After pouring a lot of money as the investment, the platform is bidding adieu and cannot continue after investors pulled the plug. As per the press release submitted to the Wall Street Journal on Oct 4, 2016, Twitter pitched bids to Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff. The overall evaluation stands at $20 billion at this moment for Twitter.

There has been a major speculation that Disney is going to buy Twitter at a whopping price only known to the top execs withing both organizations. If reports are to be believed, the deal might bridge the gap for Disney to monetize Twitter and use the extensive branding network to make money from it. However, Fortune‘s Mathew Ingram wrote published news on their site on October 18, 2016, that Salesforce.com has opted out. Disney (NYSE: DIS) is still in the race. The bullying and uncivil forms of communication are the major concern for Salesforce (CRM).


The Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff spoke to the Financial Times in the same week and told the media “We are not sure at this moment as Salesforce is a more kind of a professional platform. As trolls and controversial comments are part of Twitter, we fear it might not work if we re-introduce or use Twitter as part of our business CRM suite. So, Yes, Unfortunately, we are dropping out at this moment.”

Surprisingly, if reports are to be believed; Disney CEO  Bog Iger spoke about the Twitter Offer in Boston to be “still a good option” but he will not comment on the acquisitions part at this moment (Source – Biz Journals)
Though officials are tight-lipped, the major news has leaked. As per the leaks, one of the prime reasons for Disney still thinking to buy Twitter is that it will use the platform to advertise and promote its amusement parks. Though, the source did not reveal the name; this was one of the strategies to solve the branding of amusement parks.

So, if you have just booked a Disneyland Paris Tour or other means; do not feel surprised to see your cool pictures on the Disney’s Twitter page if tomorrow Twitter is acquired by Disney.

Quite surprisingly, we do not believe these reports as we believe the agenda of the company might be different. However, you may never know about Disney. They have brought some amazing and unique ‘things’ in the entertainment business and creativity was one word that was derived from Disney, Perhaps! The whole world awaits what will happen next. Few officials denied that Disney is going to buy Twitter.

As per the business forecast, Disney seems to already put their business plans for each geographical location and have divided the overall plan for animation movies, Disneyland amusement park enhancements, branding, and country-specific activities to garner more and more money.
As these plans are approved by the higher officials and the changes are minimal; it is not sure if Disney will accommodate this major change. However, we do not know if the conglomerate may buy this deal at the last moment in 2017 (depends on upon the quarterly results). We need to watch the space if it will work.

As per the financial analysis and charts published by an anonymous source, the kid-friendly entertainment company sees a lot of potential that the micro-blogging platform has still a great user interface and a loyal digital customer base. It still attracts people as it helps to save time. Disney believes Twitter failed to adopt the right marketing and sales strategies to generate a significant income from it.

So, Disney is planning to use its proprietary marketing strategies to convert Twitter into a money making platform. Well, interesting! If this deal happens, it can do wonder for the investors and Twitter. As Twitter is the sixth largest digital publisher in the world, the deal is equally lucrative for the company to push their offer to the Twitter board.

A travel company who has a partnership to provide Coach Travel Holidays in the UK has revealed that the company did give a hint to them that they might give advertising banners with a unique mashup of Disney and Twitter to be displayed on their coaches. If this is to be believed, it sounds really innovative.

The company might include a QR code and if people tweet their Disneyland experience, it will give them a cool offer. It might happen that Disney may bring Flash sale of tickets early on the platform. If you are looking for cool offers for a

Disneyland park, you might get it on Twitter. Disney has already reported that it is still thinking. Though, it is not known that it might go and buy it. But, speculations are still high.

The New Year and Christmas Eve will also feature Twitter advertisements (per the leaks). The travel company while listing their daily deals is planning to break the news that Twitter might hog the limelight through Disney.

If reports are to be believed, the agency provides extra value fun break, weekend, Disney dash and other tours at affordable costs and one of the premium partner of the company. It might play an important part in monetizing the overall revenue of the micro-blogging platform.

However, we need to see what lies in the future. Twitter is tight-lipped as it does not want to leak the news at all who is buying it? It will all depend on the entertainment company if they will go ahead and buy this company at an offer that is lucrative.

You can check the tour brochure and the booking page also when you book Disney tours.

You may never know if a certain Twitter tag might be placed on your profile and giving you extra brownie points for the purchase. 2017 will tell if Disney is going to purchase Twitter or not.

As per the reports, it might hold true OR it might not also. It will all depend on upon the industry and market trends also.
Though we have credible information on most of the announcements, the other part of the story is formed from inside sources and we have to wait if Twitter is acquired by Disney or not?

This article was updated from the original story November 4, 2016.


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