Day Of The Battery

Day Of The Battery


battery carBy Todd Bierman. In the future. A pregnant, if overused phrase. Neighborhoods I first traveled in the 60s show little twenty first century intrusion. Car bodies sport new designs, but they always did. Cell phones are in clear evidence but are smaller, not new. Otherwise, the clothes are mostly the same.  Even the lawns and mowers resemble halcyon memory.  When does this proverbial future come? Soon. Very soon.

This is where I go all cinematic. It’s the movie The Graduate, advice scene, only instead of Plastics my word is Batteries. Of course even this simple noun evokes high physics and exotic materials science among other disciplines of atomic mastery, each in an accelerating staccato of new discovery. So, the future is poised for market, but based on what, you ask?

Batteries. Specifically, things that run on batteries but need a lot more power to be really good. Cars, electric bikes, phones, quad copters, cameras – and video – are a few. I emphasize video because the evolution of home baked cinema is hitting its stride, further leveling the publishing playing field. Our near future sees us more easily go to and record the world,  then slickly edit and transmit the results between cell phones.

To understand the improvements coming to battery tech, it helps to know how they work.  Most have a positive and negative terminal, AKA an anode and cathode. These are basically taps jammed into a chemical energy storage material.  The new advances make the anode and cathode cost less, and the storage material more durable and efficient at loading and unloading power. This means cheaper, faster for longer – a good a combination in tech.

We’re talking batteries that charge in 30 seconds and last for 4 days being paired with computer components and electronic connections of close to 100% efficiency, powering stuff made of ultra light, ultra tough components, all 3d printed – at very least modified or repaired – at home. Taken together, they raise the game in any present device by orders of magnitude. The Jetson’s world is about to do a bust-in on our homes. I’m not first to predict it, but I will call the schedule. The radical part of radical change is just now breaking the surface of memory’s neighborhood.

Thank you, TiA.


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