Cloud Storage or External HDD – Which Is Better?

Cloud Storage or External HDD – Which Is Better?


Cloud Storage or External HDD – Which Is Better?   by Kendra James

Even with all the different data protection and security tools that are available today, completely security of your data can still not be guaranteed; the one thing that can, are timely backups. When you decide to backup your data, you have two main backup location choices; local/external HDD or cloud Storage. Here is how you can choose which option will be best for you:

External HDDs

Whether you want to backup your business’s data or your personal data, cost is a major factor in your decision. HDDs are the more affordable option by far; you can shop for the best priced hard disks in Dubai online at DigiCost. With a onetime price, you can enjoy the storage benefits of a hard disk drive for years to come.

The extra security that HDDs provide is another reason to choose them for your backup needs. The only way anyone can access your files is if they physically steal your drive, and even that can be prevented with the right passwords and encryption. There is no risk of a hard disk being hacked.

Another advantage of using HDDs for backups is that there isn’t a usage policy that you have to adhere to. You are the owner of the storage device and you can utilize it however you want.

Cloud Storage

The access that cloud storage provides is the biggest benefit that they offer. You can access your data from anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to the internet. Many cloud storage services offer free of charge storage, which can be great if you only want to store some sensitive files on them.

The Best Strategy

Each of the backup options mentioned above has their own advantages. So, the right backup strategy would be to come up with a backup system that allows you to benefit from both. For example, you could use the hard drive for large file backups and the cloud storage for smaller files.

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