Cloud Software Now Deeply Integrated in American Business

Cloud Software Now Deeply Integrated in American Business

Beyond the Storage Horizon


Escalating use of remote servers – known collectively as “the cloud” – now overwrites the way we compute.

The main advantages: hardware, software and professionals not easily afforded by an individual or small business become so as shared services. Better for cheaper. Though online storage has been common place for some time, information handling tasks once reserved for large, in-house systems are now better handled as cloud applications.

The Switch-over from more local computing fuels a gold rush atmosphere among cloud providers as business clients hurry to cash in on benefits of improved customer service and lower costs.

Among the trends: computing products aimed at large organizations also known as ‘Enterprise Software. Online retailing powerhouse and cloud provider under the name Amazon Web Services (“AWS”) touts limited upfront infrastructure costs as an initial benefit. Easy scalability lets companies up their information technology investment as need arises.

Product tracking, delivery and billing are all examples of tasks better handled in the cloud, but then mercantile forces have always been drivers of computer innovation. Amazon’s experience – AWS started in 2006 – provides critical insight to client needs. The largest retailer’s size allows decentralized data handling, speeding information delivery and increasing security.

Application Investigation

Most providers have a free starter or ‘freemium’ version of their wares, allowing customers to get their feet wet before making a big commitment. Still, the sheer scope of offerings sees service review and discount sites like Cloudswave step-up to help tailor choices.

Cloud servers
SaaS Integration

Another Cloud segment, Software-as-a- Service (‘SaaS’), now fundamentally alters the way businesses approach applications computing. Characterized by highly customizable software interfaces, SaaS fosters telecommuting, more reliable and redundant data back-up, and easy and constant quality upgrades. The SaaS revolution brings the ‘office’ to you through smart phone, tablet and laptop computers

The Future

Look to an almost completely cloud based software economy with greatly increased capabilities. As artificial intelligence science progresses, SaaS offerings will include human like virtual assistants capable of performing tasks now reserved for people. Advanced interfaces including 3d holography and printing will materialize the now virtual world. Much of this future is already here as the inevitable trend of better and cheaper online services continues to redefine, even overwrite our work and consumer lives.

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