Can we upload ourselves to a robot brain?

Can we upload ourselves to a robot brain?


Image Credit: YouTube / Smithsonian 


Would you want to live forever within a computer ? Image Credit: YouTube / Smithsonian

Neuroscientist Randal Koene envisages a future in which the mind could live forever within a computer.

Stephen Hawking recently warned that humanity may end up being superseded by artificial intelligent machines, however there is another possible future scenario involving a world dominated by computers in which we could still play an important role.

Randal Koene, who has been working towards building a way to emulate the human brain using machines, believes that we will eventually be able to upload our own consciousness in to a computer and effectively live on forever.

Koene’s idea of the future could see our minds existing within an artificial brain that could either be connected to a physical machine body or to a virtual world existing within a networked cloud.

Everything from emotion to self-awareness would remain intact and we would be able to interact seamlessly both with the computer environment and with the minds of other people.

“A worm’s mind has already been uploaded, but their brains work in a very different way to mammals,” he said. “But, in ten years, I think it’ll be possible to upload the mind of a fruit fly. From thereon, the human brain is a little hard to predict, but I really hope it will be in my lifetime.”

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