‘Tesla’ Tops Large Luxury Car Sales

‘Tesla’ Tops Large Luxury Car Sales


Elon Musk and his lithium-ion battery charged Tesla Motors are at the top of its class in luxury vehicle sales. Gaining traction in 2014, then moving into the number one position in 2015 by outselling comparable high-end Mercedes and BMW, Tesla is on track to meet an annual production projection of 500,000 Electric Vehicles (EV) by 2020.  With a new Gigafactory underway in Sparks, Nevada, more states ramping up Supercharger stations, the luxury vehicle space is becoming increasingly competitive for automakers. Nonetheless, Tesla’s ability to devise a battery system allowing some vehicles to travel 270 miles (all electric), competitors pose no imminent threat to the car maker – no other luxury electric vehicle matches the driving range offered by Tesla. Fully charged, the Model S 85D will get you from the Big Apple to D.C. sans pitstops.  Tesla’s Model 3 pre-market sales begin March 31, 2016. Tesla-Tops-US-Large-Luxury-Car-Sales
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Tesla Motors Gigafactory June 2014 image Teslamotors.com

In June 2014, Tesla Motors broke ground on the Sparks, Nevada Gigafactory and anticipates reaching full capacity by 2020.  “To reduce the costs of lithium-ion battery packs, Tesla and key strategic partners including Panasonic have begun construction of a gigafactory in Nevada that will facilitate the production of a mass-market affordable vehicle, Model 3,” according to Tesla.com.

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