8 Steps to Backup and Restore a Magento Website

8 Steps to Backup and Restore a Magento Website


Magento is an open source PHP with built in programs that can help you create an e-commerce website according to your specification.

The specialty of Magento is that it’s convenient to use and free! In this article we discuss how Magento can be used to perform a website back up using a full backup. This process is essential because it provides a complete defense strategy to protect your e-commerce website against an unexpected attack.

Here are the steps to perform a restore using a full back-up

1) The first step is to restore your files. You should log into your host control panel and navigate to file manager. Then select all the files and delete it.

2) Next is to click on the upload button and upload the zip or rar file that you have compressed the backup files in

3) Extract the uploaded zip file and you will have all the files you need from the backup.

4) Open the app/etc./local .xml file to cross check the database information to verify you are using the correct files to perform backup.

5) Now go back to the host control panel and navigate to PHPMYAdmin.

6) Click on the verified database, including the tables and drop them.

7) Next, click on the import tab and select the SQL. The file that was decided to backup and then click on the go button to start importing.

8) After performing these steps make sure you have cleared your cache and login to the website to see that the full restore is done.

Following the 8 simple steps you can perform a full backup proving the point as to how convenient and simple the Magento web creation platform is. Good Luck!

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